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Performance Based Websites

Not only do we build beautiful, professional websites, but we make sure your potential visitors know the value you offer immediately. We start the lead generation process from the moment your visitors land on your site.

Local Search Engine Optimization

Getting more traffic to your properly optimized website will result in more leads. We have a proven process for setting up your local business to get ranked higher by Google and other search engines.


Reputation Management

The moment someone searches for your business or the services you provide, they will form an opinion about your business. It’s increasingly important that it’s a strong. We supply the tools to make this happen.

Killer Social Media Management

Social media marketing is the future! Not only do you need to be active and consistent on social media… Your content needs to be stellar. We create social engagement for our clients and manage their social media ad spend.

In 5 Years, If Your Business Is Just Like It Is Today, Would You Be Happy?

If you answered a resounding ‘NO’ to this question, then you, like most other business owners, know you’re capable of more. Business might be fine, but if you could generate more leads, would you? If you could improve the rate at which your leads convert into sales, would you? Do you know there’s potential to market through social media, but don’t know where to start? Do you envision dominating your local market, but know there’s more that needs to be done digitally?

Again, if you see your business bigger in 5 years than it is today, if you see 10x growth in your future and want proven systems in place to get there, it may make sense for us to have a conversation. Your business may be just around the corner from more visibility, more leads and more sales!

What kind of businesses do we work with?

We work with a wide variety of industries – Auto Dealers, Construction, Video Surveillance, Health & Wellness. Essentially, if you operate a local business, we can increase your sales.

How Does The Process Start?

We always start by analyzing a business’ current digital presence and learning more about the goals and visions of the business. This helps us create a rock-solid foundation, and from there we build, implementing strategies and tracking results.

What happens after we begin working together?

That’s when the fun begins! In the near term, we like to meet on a monthly basis to go over what gets implemented, when and how it’s performing. You’re going to have questions and so will we. Ultimately, we expect to move forward in the spirit of partnership.

I have worked with a number of companies for SEO but none like TR.EX Digital Marketing. After discussing details with Neil he took my ideas and had a content-specific page built in no time. The page was live within a few days of our original meeting and that same week it was displaying in the #1 position of page one on Google!

TR.EX Digital Marketing provided quick turnaround time, an unbelievably detailed page, and above all it delivered the search results needed to drive customers to my website.

Josh Jaremko - Larry Roesch Chrysler Jeep Dodge

Our website was really out of date. It was working right on cell phones and our lead count was going down. TREX built us a new website which works great on cell phones and performs the way it should. It looks great and, most importantly, our lead count is up. This is exactly what we wanted and expected. We feel that TREX delivered everything we asked for and more.

Defender Steel Door

We created our website to promote subprime loans. Before working with TR.EX Digital Marketing it was a brand new site getting no traffic. TR.EX started creating content and implementing SEO and within a few weeks we started getting traffic and leads.

We are very impressed with the work they have done so far and our traffic continues to grow.

Sebastian Nowak - Al Piemonte Super Car Outlet

How We Transform Businesses


Give Google What It Wants

When it comes to local business, Google wants to see certain things before ranking your business at the top of the search engine. Long story short… We know what Google wants to see. Our team will set up your business to give Google everything it wants to see and improve your search engine rankings.

Build Your Reputation

What would you prefer people searching for your business to see, a 3.2 out of 5 star rating with 5 reviews, or a 4.8 out of 5 star rating with 100 reviews? You don’t need to answer that, but the benefit is two-fold. First, your business generates instant trust and credibility and ultimately will produce more leads and sales because of that increased trust. Second, Google wants to see reviews being generated so you’ll help increase your search engine presence as well.

Consistently Engage With Your Prospects & Customers

The ability to engage with your prospects and customers is absolutely amazing with today’s technology. Tools like email, newsletters and social media are great ways to offer prospects and customers value, and keep reminding them that you’re the best choice when it comes time for your service.

Increase Lead To Close Ratios

Differentiate your business with a sales tool (or two) that will wow your prospects, increase the number of leads you contact, and turn more of those leads into sales. This one is one of our favorites!

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