About Us

My name is Neil Bianco.  I have been indirectly involved in the exterior home improvement business since I was a kid.  My first hands on experience came when I was in high school when I assembled doors and labored on other products in the shop of one of Chicago's top companies.

After graduating college I began selling doors, windows, and other home improvements to consumers all over Chicago and the surrounding suburbs.  I've encountered many unique situations where custom product was required and have developed an understanding of the products best suited for various areas of Chicagoland.

Over the years I have really embraced this industry.  Homeowners all over Chicago and suburbs need quality products and professional installations.  Everyday they make important investments and I love being able to help them make a good decision.  I have visited manufacturers, learned about some of the latest products and advancements, and I can be a valuable resource to those that need information in this area.

I feel the best way to describe our company is to simply let you read our mission statement. All companies go on and on about how their product is the best and so forth. You’ve probably heard and read it already.

Let’s put all that aside for now.

Here is how we are different. This is our mission statement:

"Our mission is to design a business that benefits our customers in every way. We will do this by structuring our business in such a way that absolute minimum overhead and cost is created by the business. We will focus on unique and creative marketing methods to ensure that we reach the maximum number of people with minimum cost. By forcing our overhead and operational costs to be unusually low, we will be able to provide top quality products, which are more expensive, at the same or lower price as products of lesser quality. We will effectively increase the expected standards of doors and windows for the price paid. We assume responsibility for our customer’s satisfaction 100% of the time.

Integrity will be the backbone of our relationship with our customers. Our spoken word will be as strong, if not stronger, than our written or contractual word. To be put simply, we will do what we say we will do by when we say we will do it. This is our creed and the lifeblood of our operation. It will ensure that all of our customers are treated fairly, equally, and with a process that they can predict. We will eliminate wonder and worry from their mind because we operate on this principal.

We will be the guiding light in this industry as the company that goes far beyond what is normal and expected to ensure an extraordinary home improvement experience from start to finish."

That is who I am and what we are about.