Who Is Going To Control Your Prospect's First Impression? You Or Someone Else?

First impressions of a business are created moments after searchers enter their search term. Building a strong online reputation is an essential step to increasing business.

Consider This…



Moments After Searching For Your Product or

Service, A Person Will See Your Business

Listing And Immediately Form An Impression.



The Question Is…



Who Will Control That First Impression, You

or Someone Else?


We utilize a variety of components to build a sparkling online reputation for your business. First, we set up a unique, yet simple piece of software that’s designed to do all of the heavy lifting for you. We’ll show you how easy it is to use and go over the best ways to add customers to it. We can also import your existing customers and generate positive reviews for you.

Our software also has another very unique component. It will go out and pull all of the reviews your business already has from a variety of sources. Not only will it measure your overall reputation, but even more importantly, it will take only the positive reviews and add those to your website. Now, your website visitors will be able to see who has reviewed your business, what they said and where the review came from (i.e. Google, Yellow Pages, etc.).

Finally, we can share the positive reviews you get to your Facebook page (and other social media outlets). This will further engage your audience and boost your reputation.

One the features our clients like most is how quick and easy it is to generate reviews. If you can enter a name, email and phone number and then click ‘submit’, you can use this software. There’s no need to spend much time on this. You can take care of it in under a minute and focus on the important things you need to get done.

The software is also extremely flexible and allows you to generate reviews whenever you want. For some businesses, like car dealerships, home improvement companies, doctors and dentists, etc., generating reviews can happen during or immediately after the product is delivered or service completed. For others, waiting a week or more makes better business sense. Either way, you can generate reviews when it’s best for your business.

Now that you’ve generated some powerful testimonials, it’s time to get the word out. This is an important step and one that our software takes care of for you.

First, it will crawl review sites like Google, Yellow Pages, City Search, etc., and gather your reviews. Next, it will take only the positive ones and display those on your website showing your website visitor a variety of excellent testimonials from a variety on online sources.

Then, you’ll have the ability to share your positive reviews to your social media networks. Let’s say you generate a 5-star review on Google and our software pulls that review into the system. With one click, you can share that review to your Facebook, Twitter or Google+.

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