A Proven Strategy To Show Potential Customers That Your Business Is, Hands Down, The Best Choice

Neil Bianco, Owner, TREX Digital Marketing

30 November 2016

Here’s the critical question we face in our businesses…


Our customers want to know who can best solve their problem. Why should I choose you?

So we do a variety of things to get that message across. We typically SHOW them our services and TELL them about our services. We do this through videos, presentations, advertising, etc.


Can we take it one step further?

What if the way that we can show them how we can help them is to… wait for it… actually help them BEFORE THEY MAKE A BUYING DECISION.

How would that position your business amongst competitors in the eyes of the prospect?

Let’s look at an example…

How can your customers FEEL the benefits your service provides BEFORE doing business with you or anyone else?

Mr. & Mrs. Jones just moved into a new house. They plan on painting and getting the carpets cleaned before moving all of the furniture in so their task for the day is finding a carpet cleaner.

Like many people today, they search for carpet cleaners in their city. Three pop up in the Maps section of Google so they start there.

They go to their websites. All of them look professional. All of them offer some kind of incentive. After first glances they all look pretty solid.


They have built a relationship already, developed trust, said they offer an amazing guarantee and made a special offer.

One of the businesses offers a free report to their visitors. It’s titled something like, ‘Wait… Don’t Get Your Carpets Cleaned Until You Learn The 5 Most Common Mistakes Most People Make Getting Their Carpets Cleaned.’

Probably a good idea for someone needing carpet cleaning to read, right? Heck it’s free and if they read it they won’t make those mistakes. So they give that business their email address and they email them the report.

As Mr. & Mrs. Jones read it here’s some of what happens:

  1. The most common concerns of people buying carpet cleaning are addressed
  2. The misconceptions people have about the service are covered
  3. The benefits to having it done right (and guess who’s business does it right) are revealed
  4. The 5 mistakes people make (or the delivery of the promise made in the headline)
  5. An amazing guarantee that the company provides to its customers
  6. A special offer just for readers of the report

So now, among the three businesses Mr. & Mrs. Jones is considering, which one is likely in pole position.

They all look like reputable, professional companies. But the one that ACTUALLY HELPED Mr. & Mrs. Jones has a major advantage over the other competitors.

They have built a relationship already, developed trust, said they offer an amazing guarantee and made a special offer.

Now, when Mr. & Mrs. Jones choose this company, the company simply goes…

That company also has a pretty important piece of information – Mr. & Mrs. Jones’ email address. Now they can easily follow up and keep their business in front of them in both the short and long term.

Now, this example is hypothetical, but I think you get the picture.

The way in which you help Mr. & Mrs. Jones might change as well. If you sell an ongoing service it might be a free trial. If you’re some kind of coach or instructor it may be a free lesson. Gyms and fitness studios are almost always offering free trial periods.

The question remains the same… What can you do that actually helps your prospect before they make a buying decision.

That’s what’s truly going to set your business apart from the rest.

Want a real, concrete example?

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